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June 24, 2020

Three new works at NZAFA

Community Gardens (pictured) is now at the NZAFA shop. Read more...

November 16, 2019

Heart's Desire Workshop

Where the lips are silent, the heart has a thousand tongues- Rumi. What are you longing for? How can we we recognise our heart's core desire? Read more...

September 14, 2019

'Ancestors' - Transformative Art Workshop with Miranda Munro

What relationship do you have with your ancestors? Relating in a conscious way with them can support your well-being. In this mixed media workshop we will use our creativity and energy to explore this relationship and how it can lead to more confidence and self awareness. Read more...

July 20, 2019

'Who Am I Really?' Workshop

In this mixed media workshop you will paint yourself intuitively (no rules!)until your true self begins to emerge.

February 23, 2019

'UP CLOSE AT THE COMMONS' Transformative Art Workshop

Get close to trees, birds and vegetables ๐Ÿ˜Š on this exploratory art workshop at the beautiful Te Kawakawa Commons, a community native garden in Melrose overlooking Lyall Bay. There are bush tracks, secret hidey holes and sea views- a magical place

November 3, 2018

Patterns - Workshop with Miranda Munro

How would you express a pattern in your life symbolically? What would it look like? What shape and colour would it be? Read more...

September 8, 2018

Time For A Change

Transformative Art Workshop - Are you stuck and needing a change? In this inspirational mixed media workshop, we will explore change, its potential as well as its complications and contradictions. Read more...

July 21, 2018

Transformative Art Workshop: Crossroads and Contradictions

Every day we stand at a crossroads of some sort, even if itโ€™s only a decision to walk on the other side of the road for a change. Yet there are more significant crossroads at different times of our lives. How do we go about making a decision that serves us? How do we integrate the inevitable contradictions that arise when choosing a new path? Read more...

May 5, 2018

Upcoming Exhibition: Solo44

I am showing 10 new works at this exhibition in Wellington featuring nine women artists. Read more...

December 19, 2017

NZ Academy of Fine Art Christmas cash and carry show

Very proud to have two works for sale at the Academy of Fine Arts on the waterfront! Read more...

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