About the Artist

No one person possesses ‘creativity’. All acts of self expression are a personal interpretation of the great forces of love and joy in the universe.

As an artist I understand the paradox of aiming for perfection but accepting it won’t happen; of trying to honour my individuality while keeping one eye on the trends.

As a Transformative Art practitioner and creative guide, I am aware of the importance of art for developing self awareness and growth. My workshops are popular not just for the insights they offer but for the beautiful art works that emerge time after time from participants.

In my teaching practice I see how many students are encouraged to think creativity and an arts practice are self indulgent extras, not worth the discipline and perseverance of proper careers. Universities all over the world are cutting fine arts from their programmes.

The world, especially in these times, urgently needs us to be celebrating the deeper mysteries, uniqueness and life essence that art can offer.

So it is no surprise I am passionate about making art and the healing qualities of colour an integral part of our communities and our every day lives.

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